“Azmerit” designs and manufactures compact star trackers for nano- and micro-satellites. The company is a member of the Skolkovo Foundation. It was founded by the employees of the space projects laboratory of the Sternberg Astronomical Institute of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. The team is built up by highly qualified specialists in the area of space instrumentation.

“Azmerit” has developed a compact star tracker AZDK-1. In June 2015 the first prototype of AZDK-1 was created. Currently, AZDK-1 is undergoing ground testing. In the near future the company is planning to develop the radiation-resistant version, AZDK-1R.

The precision characteristics of the compact star tracker AZDK-1, developed by “Azmerit”, are equivalent to the best products on the market, and its weight, dimensions and refresh frequency are superior to any competing product. The star trackers are completely autonomous and equipped with an in-flight self-calibration system for maintaining high precision. Below are technical characteristics of AZDK-1.

Technical Description (pdf)
Parameters AZDK-1
  • Entrance pupil
  • Focal length
  • Field of view

9 mm
10,55 mm
CMOS sensor:
  • CMOS geometry
  • Pixel size

1024×1280 pxls
5,3 µm×5,3 µm
Dimensions, mass 40×40×71 mm, 118 g
Power (3,3 V; 5 V) 0,25 W
Stellar Catalogue 2 200 stars up 5,5m
Accuracy σx, σyz 10''/1' (ω<10°/s)
Update rate 10 Hz
Interface RS-485
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